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Why Does a Hockey Player Want to Follow Me?

I get notifications form WordPress and Twitter when I get new followers. This isn’t shocking. People click on follow buttons all the time, and while it’s nice to see that new people are discovering what I’m up to, it isn’t exactly groundbreaking news when it happens.

Every once in a while I spend a little time checking out those people, and I often follow them back. Sometimes I’ve already followed them, and they’re following me back. Cool.

Now I’m not someone who lives and dies by the numbers. Yes, I love knowing that my little thoughts are floating around in cyberspace and once in a while some of you lovelies read them, and maybe even respond to them. That really does delight me. But I’m not out to win the busiest blog award (is there such a thing?) or the Twitter tweeter with with the most twaffic (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it). I’m not in the big leagues in either category, and I’m okay with that.

On Twitter, though, a lot of the people I follow ARE in the big leagues, at least in terms of their chosen professions. I follow big names in education, writing, politics, entertainment, art, and more. I like to see what makes these folks tick, and reading their tweets gives me some insight. The main take away? They tend to work really hard, and they put their pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us.

The other day, as I was looking through the new followers (seriously, it sounds like I’m leading a cult or something… I assure you I am not) I came across a fellow who’s a player in the NHL. Yes, folks, a real live professional hockey player. How cool is that?! I hadn’t followed him, and I’m not a huge hockey fan. I know nothing about his team. I don’t even keep up with the team from my childhood (although I did have hockey pictures on my wall the year they went for the Stanley Cup). I don’t DISLIKE hockey, it’s just not a part of my life. So how did this guy find me?

I don’t know, but I have to assume it was either my wit or my ravishing beauty that hooked him. Still, how he stumbled across something I’ve done is beyond me. I’m amazed at the way the internet works, and this is further proof that some things in the universe will never be explained. In the meantime, go Hurricanes!



To Swamp It or Not to Swamp It

427723 PARADE

I’m going on a trip in a few weeks with some amazing people. This trip offers me the opportunity to celebrate half a century on this planet in style. I’m so excited I can hardly stand myself.

We’re going to New Orleans (or NOLA, or N’walins, or the Big Easy, or whatever other fun nickname you’d like to give it). I was there for a wedding years ago, long before Katrina hit. It was a quick weekend with a side trips to LSU, a Civil War battlefield, and a walk down Bourbon Street. It was short, but it left a lasting impression.

This time I’m going with people who are PLANNERS! I love it, because really, at heart this isn’t me. Oh sure, I can make hotel reservations and look stuff up online, but these girls are way out of my league. There are maps and schedules and plenty of time for naps and downtime. I love this! They know where they want to go and what they want to see. I’m going along for the ride and that’s just fine with me. Well, except for the tattoo part, I’ll pass on that.

One of the big events is the kayak swamp tour. Wowza! Swimming-Alligator-closeup-of-head-with-eyes-sticking-out-above-water-surface-in-lake-at-Brazos-Bend-State-Park-Needville-near-Richmond-TX-USAIt takes place in the swamp, as in the place where alligators live. I’ve watched Swamp People and Gator Boys, and as a result I have a healthy respect for alligators and anything else that lives in that murky water. And yet… I have to do it.

But it’s a kayak tour. I haven’t been in a kayak since I was about ten years old. My fitness level is below zero, and I’m not even totally convinced that I’ll actually FIT in the kayak. I voiced my concerns to my travel group (via this crazy long messenger thread that I can barely keep up with) and immediately my fears were quelled. I’m breathing a little easier now that my main concern has become not falling out of the kayak. I’m pretty sure I can handle that.

It’s no longer a question of whether or not to kayak, it’s a matter of building up some stamina. I still have a little time before the trip. If I take a walk each day, that couldn’t hurt, right? So maybe that’s what I need to do. After all, this is about celebrating, not holding anyone back. Time to lace up those shoes and get going. New Orleans, here I come!


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